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Tuesday Tips and Tricks

When advertising or femvertising your business, product, or service, you need to take into consideration a few points:

· Advertising is power, and power is responsibility. Your advertising can make an impact on society, so, take some time and think of the impact you want to leave before advertising your business, product, or service.

· Two Keywords: “Diversity” and “Inclusion”. Address all members of your target audience equally, without any exclusion or stereotypes. Feature people of different races, gender, and skin colours, without any biases to weights, body shapes, and beauty standards.

Everyone is capable of great things. Be sure to show that.

· Be Real! Don’t underestimate your customers’ ability to differentiate between what is real and what isn’t. Show how people really look like and act.

The key to gaining integrity among your customers is to be believable.

Written by Yasmine Mokhtar

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