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About Us

Women worldwide face 3 main challenges regardless of their career achievements and/or financial independence. These challenges are societal stereotypes in business, unconscious self-bias filled with judgements and devaluating thoughts, and finally, women’s self-critic. Through further screening, its was seen that women are only 23.9% in the workforce labour, and only 3.9% in top management and CEO (in the MENA region) according to UN WOMEN. Determined to change that, our founder launched Businessita Women Empowerment in January 2018.


Businessita is an organization that works on the empowerment of women in the business field. We provide 360 degrees empowerment solutions for women in business (including skills and talents development, business consultations, and resources directory); thus, merging her passion with her hard work, to not only achieve financial sustainability and professional career development but to achieve mindset and cultural development as well. Dedicated to enhance the "she-conomy" educating, uniting, supporting and promoting women in business globally, strengthening the global economic fabric.


We create opportunities for women, either who work or who want to launch their business, to develop efficiently; consequently, building a community of strong women who are able to assist and empower one another to achieve all their goals, and make their dreams a reality. We aim to show them that knowledge is indeed power, for them to be able to liberate themselves from any unfavourable environments; thus, enabling them to protect themselves and loved ones from any type of abuse. All of which will eventually ensure that they posses a developed professional career, and are financially sustained. Businessita believes in the power of women to change lives and communities, breaking current business stereotypes and taboos, and paving the path to an empowered generation.



In less than 2 years after the company’s inception, our founder received two national awards of appreciation for Businessita Women Empowerment’s active role in society empowering women in business and one international award "World of Difference" hosted by TIAW (The International Alliance for Women) and WCEI (Women and Chiefs of Enterprises).

Our Awards

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