Nayrouz Talaat
Direxiona Founder

I am really so happy of having a real body that is supporting me as a woman running a business. At my stage, I do need a very professional  support in business consultancy that help me be on the right track and of course this was through Businessita WE.

Nadine Hamada
Elle Cosmo Clinics

Co - Founder

I have always been a good dermatologist, I love what I do and I’m good at it, but Businessita WE helped me to grow bigger in different professional levels, guided me how to evaluate my self, and to work on my strength points and overcome my weaknesses, and now thanks to Businessita I dare to dream bigger and focus my hard work more to make my own Business grow faster and stronger. I highly recommend Businessita WE for every business woman who needs to develop her business career, and move from a hard working woman to a successful business woman.

Yomna Kamel

Out of experience, Businessita WE is a big sum of motivation to make not only your business but your dreams come to live. They direct you, organize your mind and really make you connect to your inner self. It is definitely a life changing experience if your are looking for success and brilliance.

Marwa Othman


Not only being failure or having no career are the reasons behind looking for the motivation to know your passion, I learned through Businessita WE that the tasteless success may lead you to look for your passion to feel the happiness in your life no matter how old are you or how long the path that you will go ,the matter is how to find your self? Thank you Businessita WE

Marwa Mahmoud


After a long period of searching internally for my passion ineffectively. Businessita WE appeared to me irradiating my passion while enhancing my confidence in my abilities.


So I encourage every woman who seeks to build a personal or practical entity to connect with Businessita WE. Thank you Businessita WE 

Mai Abuzekry


Starting my own business was a big step with a lot of confusions. Learning updated strategies and methodologies of business & discovering all the tools for a good marketing strategy was eye opening & a delightful experience of knowledge. I’m so happy to go through this experience with Businessita WE. I would definitely recommend any woman with passion for business to consult with Businesseita WE

Rabab Abouelnoor
Single Mom

Businessita WE
لجاءت ليها عشان عندي افكار كتير وخطط بس مش قادرة ارتبها وابداء من فين . نظمت لي افكاري بشكل زمني واداري وازاي اقدر ادير وقتي بشكل متوازن مع مسؤلياتي وفي نفس الوقت كل يوم اقرب خطوة من اهدافي البعيدة في تصوري المهني . وطرحت عليا افكار متوافقه مع هواياتي وقدراتي.

علي مجهودها معايا Businessita WE بشكر 

Shaimaa Ubaid


I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with you and came to know you as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. You are full support , cooperation, helpful , and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, you are an impressive motivation



I am very fortunate that I have Soha as a mentor, we have had very useful exchanges. After clearly understanding my goals, my mentor, Soha elBaklawy has given me very useful pieces of advice. I find her very welcoming, inspiring and easy to work with. In only a few weeks, she has helped to reorganize my thinking. I am now more conscious and certain of my career goal and pathway