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Niveen Darweesh

“The worst driving ever is the women driving”, “Women cannot park a car”, “Egyptian women differentiate with only 2 things: negativity and accidents” Although all these words about Egyptian women and the adventures they made every day while driving which is almost true but It’s not a general rule, Niveen Darweesh appears. Niveen Darweesh is the first Egyptian woman that could drive the Airbus plane (A380) which is the biggest trade plane in the world, and travel within The Woman National Day. Emirates Airplane lines announced that Niveen is the first Egyptian woman drive that kind of planes and transmit the passengers from Dubai to Vienna. She started her flight saying: - Good morning ladies and gentlemen, This is Niveen Darweesh, the first Arabic captain form Egypt drives the world biggest plane Airbus 380, I feel very happy doing this from Emirates to Vienna with the help of the captain assistant: Aliaa Al-Mohery. However Egyptian women suffer from consistent sarcasm of their way of driving, Niveen was the proof that It’s not a general rule, and there are still great women can go beyond the expectations and achieve their dreams. #businessitaWE_story

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