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How could you define a successful career?

How could you define a successful career?

Having a successful career is a tricky question and may vary from one person to another, some might say it’s having a successful family/ kids.

Others may say it’s a certain job title or promotion, while some other might state successful career is the state of balance between friends and family, work and kids and finally self care.

Whether or not you agree with what was previously mentioned but let’s all agree that a successful career is not about the money sufficiency, or the professionalism in work, It’s all about feeling fulfilled and passionate in work that you love.

It’s the devotion to your passion and bringing it to life, not minding the pressure, the over hours, the lack of understanding, commitment to your passion.

Regardless whether you are doing your own thing (business) or working in a career path that fills your passion, making you happy with the results even if you are under paid or at times not paid at all.

Being successful is not about losing your balance or yourself in a world filled with responsibilities and never ending burdens.

To understand more about having or maintaining a successful career, you should ask yourself some of these questions;

1- Do you get to showcase your talents in what you do?

It’s important to be talented in your work and show what you can do,

For instance, If you love writing as your hobby, why not working as a content or script writer?! to merge your talent while working.

2- Do you get to live your passion?

Passion is not only a word for describing love or excitement about what you do, It means you’re fully happy and productive about work in and daily routines, deadlines, and complicated tasks because you’re passionate about that work, you want it, you love it, and you can spend the rest of your life doing it!

3- Does the work you do align with your values?

Do you see your own values accomplished through your work? Are the company’s values and ethics implemented in your working environment or just simply stated? Do these values agree with yours? What are the standards for this organization and how you see them align with yours?

4- Can you make a living to support yourself and/or your family?

After all, Are you satisfied with your salary? If not; is it because of your career shifting or starting your own thing?! (if true, then guess you will need to hang in there a little till you get the wheel turning), or is it because you lack experience or is it because the company underestimates your expertise?

If yes; Does this salary sufficiently fulfill your needs? Will it help you accomplish your financial dreams or Is it just a step to move on?

Finally Being hired is easy, You just have some skills to qualify for a specific job and you are hired!

But being in your dream job, or starting your own business that makes you happy. Makes you feel that you are leaving the world a better place than the one you came in, working for your own cause or purpose is what we can simply define as a successful career.

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