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Ecosystem Services

Tropical Shapes


Women Empowerement

We offer the "Know-how" to help women overcome social, psychological and business challenges merging psychological aspects with women expertise guidance to support women entrepreneurs in achieving success in their ventures. We work with ecosystem enablers through program development, design and execution to ensure the commitment, sustainability and success of women beneficiaries via our expertise, tools and resources for enhanced program outcomes and extended successiveness.


Psychology in Business

Businessita is the 1st ecosystem enabler in the region to launch the "Psychology in Business" programs because we know business success is not only achieved technically but by also By merging psychological aspects with business guidance & experiences, we provide a unique approach that helps entrepreneurs and professionals achieve business success by offering 3 different programs; PIB for entrepreneurs, PIB for employees and PIB for C-level with flexible delivery options.


Social Impact

We offer Social Ecosystem Enablers/Initiatives a workshop on the "Social Business Model Canvas" specifically designed for to help them integrate social impact into their business models. Where they will learn how to identify key stakeholders, define their value proposition, map out revenue streams, and establish social impact metrics. The workshop is designed to allow participants to apply concepts directly to their ventures through case studies, group discussions, and hands-on exercises,and much more.

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