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Soha El Baklawy

لطالما كنت شغوفة بتمكين الآخرين ورؤيتهم ينجحون ومع ذلك، كان تمكين المرأة أكثر مكافأة بكثير، حيث رأيت كيف أن الاستقلالية المالية والتطوير الوظيفي غيرا حياتهن كلها ومحيطها



Business Mentor

Startup & Strategic Consultant

Monica Marcos

أكثر عمل مرضٍ يمكنك القيام به هو الحصول على أفضل ما لدى الآخرين في الداخل. عندما ترى الآخرين يلمعون ، فإن عملنا في العالم منطقي. بفضل Businessita لإيمانها بهذه الإمكانات.

Business Mentor, Business Advisior for Integral Innovation and  Entrepreneurship Trainings


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I got involved with Businessita so that we, as team, can serve and help women develop and gain experience because this is what I am passionate about. I believe that when women lead and empower one another all over the world success and stability become a reality.

Chief Microfinance Officer in "Sudanese Microfinance" &

Business Mentor

منال محمود.png
Rana Abuaish

Founder of Daraj for Educational Solutions, Verified Business Mentor &

Trainer for SMEs

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Rana Abuaish

I believe leadership can help younger generation. I will be happy to help others to start their dreams and make it true. I trust women empowerment is the way to change face of the society & I aim through Bussinesita  to be able to mentor entrepreneur business women.

Founder & Chairman for WAFI Center &

Consultant Breast Imaging

Assistant prof. For Radio-diagnosis

Faculty of Applied Medical


MUST - Misr University for Science & Technology

Manal Mohamed
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