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What is career assessment?

What is career assessment?

Career assessments is tools, tests, and assessments that are designed to help individuals measure their performance, skills, to know the career that fits them the most according to their preferences.

Why is career assessment so important?

It has a crucial role in helping individuals have a better understanding of themselves, spotlighting their strengths and weaknesses and defining their passion. So they can develop a brighter future; avoiding career shifts, lack of interest and demotivation, based on their characteristics aligned with efficient career decisions. Noting that it is never too late or too early to do a career assessment. However the earlier the better as it can help high school students start at an early stage by focusing on subjects or choosing majors that are more likely for them to take as a career path. Keeping in mind that its totally normal that your passion and priorities re-shift from time to time according to you own circumstances and the surrounding environment. Even then if you passion does change at least it wont be very far from your chosen career path.

Career assessments come in many forms and vary along several dimensions. Here are Some common points of variance are:

· Methodology

· Quantitative: To measure success factors for individuals and their satisfaction about the job.

· Qualitative: To help them clarify their goals and preferences about the job to help them decide which one fits them the most.

· Measured attributes - (KDIs) key development indicators: Measures for specific types of careers and match individual preferences with company needs.

· Validity – The extent to how accurate are the results of these assessment, and how could we make the best interpretations from these results.

· Career assessment interview - a career assessment interview with some trained personnel is very important to integrate tests results with individual’s passions, culture, and goals.

Career assessment is a crucial role in qualifying the individuals with their most appropriate career. Where the outcomes don’t only help the individual gain clearer insights on himself but it also gives the organization a chance to hire, develop and utilize qualified calibers for a fully qualified passionate team maintaining a healthy and helpful environment for hard work.

Written by Samah Hesham

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