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Tuesday Tips and Tricks - TTT

Red Ocean:

1. The market and competition are already there; You don’t suffer or try in a new market because it’s already existing you just enter it and offer what you could serve.

2. System and protocol are also there; As you have the guidance you could follow to start your business, you should only follow a series of steps that were successfully applied before.

3. Outcomes are guaranteed; Trying the same equations will give you the same results, always.

The Blue Ocean:

1. Creating awareness in new market; You try something unique that haven’t been tried before, and see how people would response to that.

2. Owning the whole market share; This time, if the equation succeeds, The market is all yours.

3. Booming: If you acquired a good reputation, you’re booming under all conditions. #businessitaWE_tips

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