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Tuesday Tips and Tricks - Social Learning in the Business Context

  1. Is your business ready for Social Learning?

The first step you need to take is to assess the readiness of your business and employees for Social Learning, as well as that of the training programs your business offers.

For a business to be ready for Social Learning, it has to have an environment that facilitates communication, collaboration, and sharing knowledge. Moreover, any training programs it provides has to encourage social interaction and cooperation between the employees.

2) Encourage Teamwork!

Many businesses today has their departments divided to teams to facilitate work accomplishment; however, not all teams have the necessary teamwork skills that can make it successful and it usually ends up with the members doing their work individually.

Teamwork is crucial for a successful Social Learning experience, as it encourages its members to work together, communicate, and share ideas and knowledge.

So, if the teams in your organisation end up working as individual members, or if they actually get along very well that extra chatter may take up some of their work time, teamwork is always worth to invest in and encourage, as teams that get together and think in a collective manner increase productivity and stimulates creativity and innovation.

3) Be the Role Model!

Social Learning is based on people observing each other, learning from each other, and imitating each other’s behavior. That’s why, if you want a certain behavior to be implemented in the workplace, or you want work tasks to be carried out in a certain way, you have to be the first one to do so.

After that, you need to encourage your employees to follow you; and you can do that through either directly telling the employees to do so, or by offering rewards to the employees who do; thus, letting everyone else know that this is the preferred behavior in the workplace.

Written by Yasmine Mokhtar

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