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the ministry of Health plan to cope with the Corona virus epidemic

The Egyptian Ministry of Health has issued a statement of the state’s plan for the gradually reopening the Egyptian Economy during the new epidemic phase of the Corona virus. Citizens should be prepared for the possibility of a second wave of the spread of the epidemic if the safety and security rules and regulations were not fully activated. The Ministry of Health's priority while developing this plan was to maintain the balance between getting the economical wheel rolling while occupying the continuum of COVID-19 preventive measures, enabling local communities to recover gradually from the pandemic both economically and psychologically. Yet one main Goal is amplified by the Ministry of Health; The avoidance of physical accumulation in common areas such as malls and transportation stops as both have been identified as "pandemic hotspot"

The main outlines are: -

1- Continuing all activities of social separation and reducing crowding

2- Preserving the elderly and those with chronic diseases

3- Defining basic requirements for the work of the various facilities, bodies and means of transportation

4- Spreading and implementing a culture of wearing face masks

5- Smart (virtual) activities to avoid gatherings

In order for the state to achieve its goals from the plan to coexist with Corona virus between the gradual return to normalcy and to be cautious around the spread of the Corona virus epidemic again, it was necessary to implement the plan in several stages. In this article, we will address the first stage , which is represented as follows: - The first stage (the step of the strict procedures to avoid any kind of relapse)

* Oral and visual sorting and temperature measurement for all people before entering the facilities, metro and trains.

* Oblige everyone to wear a Muzzle/Mask when leaving their homes

* Maintaining low densities inside the facilities and shops

* Cinemas, theaters, cafes, or any entertainment venue in that phase will not be opened.

Please Note: in case you have one of these symptoms or more please isolate with a separate room and preferably a bathroom and call 105. These symptoms include

  • A continued high temperature for a period not exceeding 3 days 

  • Shortness of breath 

  • Disturbance of consciousness 

  • A bloody cough

Upon the previously mentioned symptoms, the patient is advised to stay at home until the symptoms disappear completely, or any sign that the symptoms develop. In the upcoming articles, we will discuss the remaining stages of the state plan to coexist with the Corona epidemic. written by Doaa Hamdy

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