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Sally Salama

People who know me well will tell you that I love having a job that serves something or someone, there has to be a positive impact. I have done 9-5 jobs that contributed to helping others grow and built business sectors. Those who know me well also know that I love Egypt regardless of everything I dislike and resent at the same time.

In 2015 an idea was born after a long talk with Loretta Bates and that was a Zumba® master class on a Nile cruise. Super simple and can actually be done here in Cairo with no fuss or hassle. But of course not, I just can't 📷😅 It took me almost 2 years to take this idea and turn it into something that will not only serve the Zumba® community in Egypt, but also serve the country so that would be my small contribution to help with this struggling economy specially on the tourism side. As fancy as it may seem to some, others will see it unconventional and a smart way to attract a certain type of people who won't come to Egypt unless there is a very good reason. Also Zumba® is in a 185 countries (total countries in the world 195) #justsaying

2017 was a struggle and a very hard one. Let me start by saying the one thing I did not say publicly last year, there was NO government or corporate support whatsoever which hit me hard. On the contrary I was given false hope and empty promises and my biggest disappointment were the people I thought so highly of. Nevertheless, God was greater than any disappointment & GLAM Getaways came to life even better that expected. 5 months later Zumba® shoots the first ever ZIN™ volume right here in Egypt. I keep telling myself I must have done something right 📷😊

Right here 📷👇 is a featured article written by a student who doesn't even know me and connected with me months ago on facebook. The topic "Zumba® and Promoting Tourism" - Guess what I'm trying to say is if you believe in something work for it and expect the unexpected.

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