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Nada Chatilla

From cancer to divorce then to her dad’s death. She had no choice except looking for the bright side, before it gets worse.

Nada Chatila, who discovered in 2009 that she had lochemia, her life became totally different.

She couldn’t accept her illness however she tried, All chemicals and medicines made her lose hope even in the little things.

She spent like a year to realize that she had cancer, and after a while. She was surprised by love entering her life suddenly and she became happy again and felt that she is special to someone who picked her although she is a cancer fighter.

She fell in love, got engaged, and got married with a happy ending she was looking for. But this was an ending as after one year and a half, she got divorced.

Again, this black cloud covered all parts of her life, without any care to her psychological side that was getting worse by all these events.

As a TED’s speaker, she said that she refused what was happening, she couldn’t even accept GOD’s fate of her illness, She was very angry and depressed, and it got worse when her dad had gone who was her support and her only friend, and after that, chemicals didn’t work more with her, And it was the start of the dark again.

After she took an appropriate time to get her mind back, she decided to accept her reality, she saw that she had no choice except being fine, however this solution was very simply but as a decision it was very hard and complicated.

She saw that the bright side contains her friends, her family, her dad that had gone in mercy without sick, and her life that seemed as a mess but it was full of little simple happy things.

As a respond to this decision, new medicine appeared for healing cancer, Nada had to try it without any idea about its side effects, and also, she had to sign a responsibility letter to try it!

After time of thinking, she turned from “Why me?” stage to “Why not?” stage.

Everything became better, in months Nada recovered from cancer with a healing percentage of 95%, her friends and family celebrated her recoverness and courage. They supported her to continue the journey that started with a lot of courage and inspiration.

And then she narrated this story through TEDx, the biggest community to show people’s success stories in front of thousands of people, to inspire people who are very healthy to do the same, and to make them believe that sun doesn’t rise up except the darkness shows up first.

Written by Samah Hesham

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