How to lead a team work?

How to lead a team work

Being a leader is not a talent that you are gifted with, It’s something you acquire by time. Although, It’s hard to be a leader, And as it’s said everyone can manage, but everyone is not a leader.

It’s a long process of learning before teaching, and taking the right decisions, especially when it comes to people.

So, here’s some tips you can take through this journey of leadership.

1- You are not a boss that take decisions, you’re an organizer of that decisions.

You’re not supposed to take decisions, give orders, and punish the team if something is not okay, You should lead this decisions effectively.

Managers may shout out, get mad, and be centralized to have a good project, But leaders share experience, get passionate, and be motivational to have a good team. It’s so clear!

2- You are not responsible for the results, you are responsible for the environment.

“Leaders are not responsible for the result, They are responsible for the people who are responsible for the result” – Simon Sinek.

It’s not your role to get a profit, make the customer satisfied, or to achieve the goals, all you should do is to qualify the environment where your employees work to achieve that goals.

3- It’s not a centralized hierarchy, It’s a co-working harmony.

You ,as a leader, should not be obsessed with making the chain of managers harder, or do your best to keep the members under control.

All your goal should be the creation of a healthy environment to work, and fix the conflicts between members themselves, Leaders are passionate, hard workers, creative, and most important; caring about their people.

Finally, If you are very hard worker in achieving your goals, you’re a good manager.

But when it comes to people you work with and keeping them love what they do, you are a leader

Written by Samah Hesham

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