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2020 is the year for women Date

March 8, 2020 .is a massive year for gender equality. And the benefits of gender equality are not just for women and girls, but for everyone whose lives will be changed by a fairer world that leaves no one behind. It’s the year for what we call “Generation Equality”. With the leadership of civil society, we’re mobilizing to realize women’s rights, and to mark 25 years of implementing the Beijing Platform for Action.

anniversary of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, we empower women to influence decisions about their future. Treating From early to late years, with young women and girls in Center

anniversary of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, we empower women to influence decisions about their future. Treating Gender equality, women's issues across generations, From early to late years, with young women and girls in Center. We don't have an equal world right now and women are angry Concerns about the future. They are radically impatient for change. It's impatience, he's been brewing for years, and we have some Positive changes to celebrate. For example,

(there has been a 38 percent decrease in maternal mortality since 2000). And conducted 131 countries have legal reforms to support gender equality and tackle discrimination. Twenty-five years ago, discrimination against them was legalized

Challenges for all countries, although many of them are not impossible to overcome, for the time being,

girls do not hide disappointment Their hope of managing our planet, the ongoing relentless violence against them, and the slow pace of change in fulcrum issues such as education. For example Even though school enrollment has improved,  One out of every 10 young women today is still unable To read and write.

This must change in order for girls to have their full power,  They take their place in the world, and play their vital role in Technology and innovation,  Another priority goal of impatience is the lack of women at power tables. Three quarters of all parliamentarians in the world

The fixed solution is to provide legally binding quotas for women's representation. Nearly 80 countries have successfully succeeded this Few countries have gender balanced lockers and explicit feminist policies. This is a desirable trend that we need to see more at all From both the public and private sectors, where the proportion of women in managerial positions in general remains around 27 percent, even with graduation More women from universities. Table, where the majority of negotiators and signatories are men. We know that sharing Women bring in more lasting peace agreements, but women are still marginalized. Women groups and human rights defenders

face Persecuted but willing to do more. That is why they desperately need more security, finance and resources, and my greatest patience is Fixed economic inequality. (Women and girls use three times the time and energy of boys and men to care for the family.) This costs them Equal opportunities in education, in the labor market, and in gaining strength. It is a driver of poverty recurrence. Young women who raise more families 25% of men are vulnerable to living in extreme poverty, affecting millions of young children, with effects that persist in

For the subsequent life of both mother and child. The solution includes good policies that promote greater equality in childcare responsibilities and provide support The state is for families, and those who work in the informal economy, so  Radically, although we are impatient, we do not Surrender and hope. We have increased support from allies and partners ready to address barriers against gender equality. We feel that Leadership will change across generations and countries. We are looking for issues that unite us and provide opportunities to disrupt the status quo. You have shown us Lessons learned in the past 25 years are needed to accelerate work for equality. The generation of equality is one of our answers, We are that generation.


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