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“She Rises” will be held on the 12th of October, 2019, with the motto “Aspire to Inspire”, and this is due to our belief that all women are inspirational in their own way; so, what can be better than gathering all these amazing women in one place where they can inspire others and be inspired by them? Our objective is to bring these inspirational women together and lead them to find the balance between personal and professional lives that we all aspire to achieve, consequently, becoming independent, whether financially or otherwise.”

We Understand Women’s Needs!
“Lead by Balance!” is our event’s theme where we believe that for
women to be happy at work and passionate about it, they need to
have happy and stable homes too. Consequently, She Rises will
include Discussion Tables that will tackle numerous topics related to
the work-life balance for women; such 
as: Entrepreneurship, Health
and Fitness, Family and Parenting & Labour law, among others.

She Rises Agenda:
• 12:00 PM: Host Welcome remarks / Drums with warming- 30 Min.
• 12:30 PM: Panel (
Businessita / Empowerment Program)- 30 Min.
• 1:00 PM: Discussion tables - 3 Discussion rounds, 30 Min/ each
• 2:30 PM: Break - Lunch
• 3:30 PM: Attendees activities (teambuilding / mom & child) – 60 Min.
• 4:30 PM: ME TIME (Yoga /Pottery & Painting) -60 Min.
• 5:30 PM: Sponsors, Speech – 60 Min.
• 6:30 PM: Concert "Massar Egbari"

Can't wait to see you all

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