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Financial advisory

Your personal Financial Advisor (استشارة مالیة)

  • 1 ساع 30 دقائق
  • Price vary / inquiry
  • With accordance to both Parties

وصف الخدمة

Just want a Q&A regarding your business finance, don't know which package should you book? Simply just want financial guidance in general? We understand your confusion and got your back!! For any financial needs and advice locally via our expert partner ASGS Audit and Financial Advisory. Via 1-3 sessions and or phone calls, price varies according to the needed inquiry, a quotation will be sent prior to service delivery for the client's approval. Pay Here:

سياسة الإلغاء

For cancellations, please contact us before 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

تفاصيل جهة الاتصال

+20 1012167161

Platz, First New Cairo, Egypt

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